Tuesday, October 21, 2014

life- mud, the garden still grows, and cooking

We went for a month without rain.
There were cracks in the ground of the garden that I could stick my arm in.
Almost everyone was glad for the rain.

Buddy here found a dry post that the chickens made for him in my mum!
It sits under the overhang of the house.

Andrew just went and stood in the rain.
He loves it.
He loves mud too.
The fascination with water falling from the sky started when he was little.

The ponds filled.
And then leaked down:(

The rain was great but the sunshine coming back delighted us all.
A new buffet of bugs, worms, and growth in the grass was loved by these girls!

After a couple of days of rain they all went out, tromping through the mud.

I am amazed that our garden survived September.
It was SO dry.
The Lord is good and it is still growing, in mid October!

And the leaves are changing but the color is not vibrant.
I think September was too dry.
Fall is a welcomed time around here!

My fall planting of beans and peas were mowed down by the deer.
They left the butter/lima beans, the ones the kids don't care for as much.
At least we know when they are hunted they have eaten well!

We order apples by the bushel.
We make apple sauce, apple butter, apple juice and this year Aubrey decided to make her first apple pie.

The same night it was Benjamin's turn to help cook.

He called it Pizza Pasta (with salad).


For her first time she knocked it out of the park!
Her crust needs a little work but it was DELICIOUS!!
And she had fun!

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