Thursday, October 9, 2014

when life gives you lemons make lemonade (or jam)

Tuesday evening right after dinner Rusty left for a board meeting.
Shortly after Andrew comes in and asks me if I had any plans for the evening.
I say no and ask why and he tells me he has some "news".
He takes me to the garage right after he tells me something has exploded in the freezer.
He tends to exaggerate so I didn't think too much of it.

Well, it was a big deal.
Andrew didn't want to tell me.
He thought I was already tired enough from the day, he was right!

The freezer was not working properly and everything except our last ham from the pigs we raised was thawed out.  NOT GOOD, at all!

Gross and nasty would be a good way to describe it.
And sad too.

I had A LOT of fruit in there.
The decision was made to make jam, a lot of jam.
Any even a little blueberry syrup.

I love to have frozen fruit over the winter and now we don't have any but at least I was able to make something and it wasn't a total loss.

We have...
a lot of strawberry jam,
strawberry honey jam,
black berry jam,
mixed berry jam and,
blueberry syrup.

I had already made plenty this summer but now we have lots more.
Might be a gift idea in there somewhere:)

We also made smoothies and left some in the fridge for the week.

In the end it was a sweet mess (even though I didn't finish until 1 am)!
 Clean up came the next morning!

The kids are bad about opening the freezer FOR NO REASON AT ALL.
I found it open several days earlier and it caused the fan or coil or something to freeze up.
So another positive is that my freezer is not ruined and I am thankful.
I guess I need to lock the door!

Does any one else have kids that get into their freezer?
I find acorns and sticks in there, tools, made-up concoctions, toys, even clothes at times.


I could write a book...
Things found in my freezer that definitely shouldn't be there (and my other book would be about ALL of the strange places Andrew decided to pee as a toddler/young child).

Isn't life fun?!!

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