Sunday, January 31, 2010

hotel rwanda

Last night I watched Hotel Rwanda for the 3rd time... it was Rusty's first. Each time I have watched it I was brought to tears in numerous scenes. The first 2 times I saw it we were not in the process nor thinking of adopting from Rwanda. The seen where the lady pulls up with a van of orphans that are targets for murder broke my heart in a new way. Although the genocide was in 1994 the country stills suffers from the effects of those 1,000,000 brutal deaths. It is worth the watch to educate yourself on part of what went on in Rwanda while the United States sat silent.

I have been asked numerous times how many orphans have been adopted from Rwanda and below is a chart from a government website...

We are rejoicing for 9 families that are in country now bringing home 12 orphans! We can't wait to add 2 more to that number!

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