Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day poems

After we had come in and warmed up from playing the snow, Rusty had the kids write a poem each about their experience (he wrote one, too). Andrew had a little help and Aubrey and Carter did it very begrudgingly BUT we all they all have a printed copy of their own and love it! Check them out!

Snow Time Fun

We attached a sled to a go-cart

And we rode through the snow.

We went through the ice

And I fell off twice.

It was super fun

And I got hot chocolate and cookies when I was done!

By: Andrew Rutledge

What I did today

What I did, it was so much fun,

We attached a sled to our neighbor’s go-cart.

I didn’t fall off,

No not once.

It was super fun

And then I was done.

But my mean Daddy made me write this poem.

By: Carter Rutledge

A Day In the Snow

I spent my day in the snow

It was as fun as can be

We hooked up the sled

And took a few rides

And when I came in

I had cocoa and cookies

It was a great day

By: Aubrey Rutledge


Tennessee Snow

Aubrey in her pink boots,

Carter in two pair of pajamas,

Andrew covered in snow,

Mama in Daddy’s fleece.

Clothes for summer we have plenty.

Clothes for snow we don’t have any.

Unusual here is the snow.

We can’t even get the car to go.

We play for a short while,

As long as we all smile.

We play till we start to shake

Chocolate chip cookies begin to bake.

Toward the house we sprint,

Our warmth all spent.

In the house we undress,

Into one big wet mess!

By: Rusty Rutledge


Nicole said...

Those are very cute. Matthew is loving the snow too.

Nick and Mary Leigh said...

ok, carter's poem made me laugh out loud!