Sunday, May 2, 2010

yard sale time

Even though we are being told our time frame is much longer than we originally thought we do not want to waste any time in having our funds
in place so we are ready to travel when it is time. Again, we know that God's plans are perfect and we want to be ready if He calls us to Rwanda earlier than we are expecting to go!
So... we are having a
in order to raise some more money so we can bring our children home from
Rwanda...If you have ANYTHING you would like to donate we will pick it up or you can drop it off! Our yard sale is scheduled for JUNE 5th off of Shelbyville Hwy. We have been graciously given a yard to use that has lots of traffic coming by, lots of space and lots of parking! What a blessing! We can't wait to get our hands
on our heart born son and daughter!

You can leave a comment or email ( if you have any items for us!
Thanks for your continued prayers in this process!

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Girl, use anything of ours that is being stored in Rusty's "workshop." The intent of it all was for you to keep the funds from whatever was ever sold.