Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the first 3 months

Yesterday marked 3 months of our dossier being in Rwanda. If any of you are familiar with Rwandan adoptions you know that things are moving very slowly right now. We initially thought we would be traveling this fall and now we are simply uncertain of the timing. We do know that our God is sovereign and almighty and we know that our hearts are continuing to be prepared to bring more children into our home. It is funny though how you can miss and love children that you have never met. We have empty beds that I am longing to have warm bodies fill. We have empty chairs at our table waiting for hungry bodies to sit in. We even have empty seats in the car that I long to see little brown bodies buckled into. In the midst of the longing and waiting the Lord continues to remind me to not stop and wait. He is calling us to be active for His kingdom in our time of waiting. I know I have more time now than I will with 2 more children in the house. We have some things stirring and possibilities of being used in order to bring God's love to other children with no fathers. So, as we continue to pray for our opportunity or opportunities to unfold we wait in anticipation of what the Lord will bring. We covet your prayers for our family on this journey and ask that you take time daily to intercede in prayer on behalf of the 147,000,000 orphans in our world today!

Quote from Chip Ingram that I read today...
TO FEEL SORRY FOR THE NEEDY IS NOT THE MARK OF A CHRISTIAN- TO HELP THEM IS. So I guess we have to ask ourselves the question, "how can I help"?


4 Blessings said...

Praying it won't be long now :)

Tristen said...

Hold fast with your heart open. I too feel the deep longing you shared as our hearts grow more and more for these children. I will join you in daily prayer. Keep enjoying the present, our time as things are is numbered. Thanks for the reminder :)