Friday, September 24, 2010

4 months

Today marks 4 months of our dossier being in Rwanda in the right hands. Today the kids went to art and made sculptures of themselves...

and today Rusty began work on a large kitchen remodel job and I cleaned part of the house and did laundry. From the outside this day looked just as normal as any Friday in the Rutledge house but on the inside I long to see and hold my other children. It is fun to to talk about "when we have our brother and sister we can... or I want to show them how to...". I am thankful for God's grace when I get impatient and want to adjust HIS timing. We know that God understands our hearts and our desires and that we are called to wait patiently on him. We know HE will never leave us or forsake us. And we believe that tomorrow will worry about itself. So we don't let that empty spot at our table or in our hearts slow us down. Tonight we had a fun and average evening. We roasted some Bratwurst and hung out in the back yard.
And after dinner the kids found their way into the mud (I back washed the pool into the edge of the garden earlier today) and this is what we had...and then they had to be cleaned up (they all got in the mud with their feet except Andrew, he did some sort of dive)After Andrew was cleaned up he stripped down to just his boxers and then decided to roller blade and drive his remote control truck (what a combination, he really didn't want his picture taken... could he be showing signs of modesty?)!
After we tucked the kids in bed we brewed some coffee and watched Cinderella Man together (we watch a movie about once every month or 2 on a Friday night and tonight was the night)!

So we continue to wait and wonder about the families who have had their dossiers in country for over a year, we pray for them. And at the end of the day we are truly comforted by knowing that God is in control... not anyone but God himself. If we have to wait a year or 2 we KNOW that is because God has chosen our family members for us, ahead of time, and that he will complete our family as He wants to. We want to obey and act on the things He has laid on our hearts today and then we pray "Lord, let you will and not ours be done". If God turns your heart or eyes towards something that wells up compassion in you (stirs you) you better act on it now or that "thing" may quickly pass and you may miss what God is calling you to today!


Laurel Greer said...

looks like such a fun day!

Benton Family said...

Continuing to keep your family in prayer...can't imagine how hard it can get. Just know your in my thought all the time.