Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We got an email Sunday night from some friends that used to be in small group with us about 6 years ago. They had read (didn't even know they read the blog) the post about silly bands. The offer was to purchase them from our kids and then for us to save them to take to Rwanda when we travel to share with the kids in the orphanage! What? Amazing! And, oh yea, they paid twice the price the kids put on them! Humbled. I teared up when I told the kids the news. God has really broken my heart for so many things that I either didn't know about or chose to ignore before. We have prayed for the family who "gave more money to help us get to Rwanda and to make the orphans happy with a treat". A & K your generosity rocks! I love how God works. We were only in small group with A & K a very short time but when God places on your heart the things that break His heart it connects you in a very strong way. We are blessed!

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