Sunday, October 3, 2010

12 completed

Saturday was construction day in our backyard. We have 12 tables completed and sold. Next weekend we will be building some in MS while we are there visiting our new niece, Abigail Grace, and the rest of the family!

And we're off measuring and cutting.

Rusty made a jig so that I could easily make straight end pieces!

with the jig in place we were turning out the ends pretty quickly

lots and lots of sawdust and 66 boards cut
almost complete

Rusty making the braces for under the table tops.

The kids had fun at the end of the day picking up sticks and limbs in the yard and burning them in our firepit.


Amber said...

great work!! looks like you had a very organized system in place. i am impressed:)

Tristen said...

Wow! You guys did well. The tables looks very well constructed. I especially like the fire pit photo- I love "camp" fires. :)


Wow! You guys did great! Sure wish we could have come to MS this weekend and picked up a picnic table for us. Wish even more that I would have had the foresight to "ask" for one while we were in TN. Hope it went well today.