Friday, October 1, 2010

another HUGE blessing

When we began this adoption process we had NO money in savings and Rusty had lost his job just 6 months previous to our decision. We KNEW pretty clearly that this was where the Lord was leading us. To most outsiders we were crazy! Why would anyone with 3 healthy kids and without any money pursue adoption? This process is NOT about a purchase first and foremost! This is all about us answering the call to care for the orphans and to give God an open door to work in our hearts and the hearts of others. We have already been changed in so many ways and we know it has only just begun. If you have followed my adoption posts you know that God has done so much more than we could ever have imagined- SO MUCH MORE! I am not saying that it hasn't been without some effort on our parts but God has stirred so many hearts and those people have been obedient to give... to give time, money and/or wisdom. Over the past month or two my heart has been heavy for our boys, Carter and Andrew. More specifically for leaving them behind when we travel to Rwanda. We have prayed, we have asked the advice of many people we know, we have asked the advice of families we don't know but have traveled before us with their biological children and we asked the advice of Dr. Purvis about taking all 3 kids and God has given us a peace about the answer... if the money is provided we will take them. We have felt very strongly that we do not want to go into debt during this process. So, let me get to the point of this post... I called my sister-in-law for her birthday today and she and my brother gave ME the best "present" I could ask for. They have decided that they would like to purchase Aubrey's plane ticket to Rwanda. Depending on the cost of the flights when we travel it may be enough to pay for two tickets. Can you say PRAISE GOD? I can! I am continually humbled and amazed. My heart is full although there is an empty spot for our son and daughter. On a side note (just because we need to give God the glory) our budget was tight in May of 2009 when Rusty lost his job (most of you know he is working for himself doing home remodel, repairs and additions) and when we stepped out in TOTAL faith with this adoption God has continued to grow his business. We have been able to give to others and others have continued to give to us. It is such a gift to be part of the kingdom of God! God is faithful... we have heard that statement for YEARS but are understanding it more and more. I am also reminded that I am not in control. I have wanted a dollar amount for travel expenses so I knew exactly what to work towards and I don't have one and God is showing me that I don't need one. We are slowly learning that He will provide (we are slow learners) and that He will provide in His time. So, we begin our weekend blessed once again.

Tomorrow we are building round one of our picnic tables! Looking forward to that family time together!

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Benton Family said...

Oh, Elizabeth! What an awesome gift! I think we are all "slow learners" least I know I can be! So happy for you guys! Miss you too! :)