Monday, January 31, 2011

i see the light

It has been an exhausting weekend (actually 2 weeks)... still trying to get things at the Children's Home wrapped up!  Friday night we left there at about 2 am, Saturday night at 10:30ish and last night it was almost 1 am.  Rusty has been pulling those late nights for a couple of weeks now.  This was an opportunity to serve... Rusty told me 3 weeks ago, just pretend I am going on a missions trip!  That helped my perspective.  Kids love routine and structure.  Every night I have put the kids to bed Carter has come down looking for Rusty about every 30 minutes... his Dad brings security to him.  Schedules have been rearranged, we have taken on roles we don't normally but this is one of those times you CHOOSE JOY in the midst of your circumstance.  If this situation was happening 5-10 years ago I probably would have handled it differently, not well to tell you the truth.  Don't think this whole thing has been bad, it hasn't.  We have made new friends and for that we are grateful.  I have to also say that working together to complete a goal is a rewarding task.  During this project we have had many people say they are coming and not show up... puts a kink in the already crazy plans.  I have chosen joy daily (someone days this is hard), I have learned that if I commit to something I need to follow through (I am usually really good about that one) and yet again reminded that no matter how much planning I do, God is still in control!  Pictures of the project will be posted soon.  The new directors are headed to TN now and are scheduled to move in tomorrow!  Please pray for the home, the transition for the kids and director, Ms. Barb and she hands her position over and the future of the home!

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