Wednesday, January 26, 2011

oh, andrew

 fun loving
and the list goes on!
When you have all of these characteristics wrapped up into 1 little boy's body you get quite the character.  I know it seems like I post about him more than the other 2 and I may.  I am surprised often by some of his words, gestures or actions... he picks up on EVERYTHING negative he sees and hears.  I see myself in Andrew in many ways... he loves well (most of the time) but has a rebellious spirit that goes with it.  I am reminded that without the grace of God in my life I am lost.  I don't tend to get angry (not that I haven't) with Andrew but I seem to get disappointed in some of his decisions, as God would get disappointed with some of mine... maybe lots of mine!  Andrew comes back and wants forgiveness (still teaching him to verbally ask for it) and I long to hold him and love him in those moments... as my heavenly father longs to hold me when I return to Him.  Having children has taught me a lot about myself and I am sure it will continue to learn, in many ways it has only just begun. 

Here is a short story about Andrew and today... 
After lunch I noticed that his nose was a little bloody (dry heat is killer) so I asked him to go to the bathroom and take care of it.  He "did".  This is how he came back to me...

Where does a child come up with this???  He keeps me on my toes and keeps the process of raising kids lively!  Just this week (IN THE BATHROOM) he has stuck gum in places it doesn't belong (we take it out to wash our hands -crazy-), he hid frozen blueberries behind the toilet so Carter would think we were out (and then forgot to tell him differently- he remembered doing it when I found them), he hid his boxers behind the toilet so he wouldn't have to put them in the clothes basket (which is much easier), he made some neat little spit balls out of paper and they stuck to the sink (and left the sink half full of water with scissors soaking in it) and spread tooth paste everywhere because he had a little to much on his face!  Things similar to these happen all of the time!  We talk about behavior and he "gets" it and then its like his brain just comes up with more and more stuff!  He is a very real child... when you meet him you know him very quickly.  He has the qualities of a leader and we ask God to give us the wisdom and grace to develop a Godly intentional man out of him!  Love him with all my heart!


Benton Family said...

Okay, friend, I don't think I have laughed-first-at the picture- and then at the stories that hard in a long time!!! Perhaps I do need a boy!! HILARIOUS!! I can remember so many stories of my brother doing similar things...but totally different being mom! haha Such a precious spirit!

I have to say that all three of your children are three of the most helpful, generous and compassionate children. They have such giving hearts. The night of the Christmas party they just jumped right in to want to help--most children their age would NEVER do that. I know that has come from the way that they are being raised! Love that I get to be friends with such awesome people!


rutledgeramblings said...

Are you sure you don't have my Taylor or Allison living in your house??!!

I daily pray for patience with the two of them as I deal with all of their "kid-characteristics". I love that they have imagination and I want them to use - just in a different way than painting with toothpaste on the bathroom floor! ha!

You are an incredible Mom and Andrew is blessed (Aubrey & Carter too!) to call you their Mommy!

Kristen said...

I just love that kid! Who would have ever believed we could have two children cut from the same cloth? I just know that Andrew and Jack are destined for greatness! Our Heavenly Father has something amazing planned for these two bodies of pure joy.