Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8 months dtr

Today marks 8 months of waiting for our approval from MIGPROF.  Some moments we have been anxious, some moments eager and others excited or sad.  We are amazed at the range of emotions we can go through, sometimes in just one day!  

I just finished the book Reclaiming Adoption- amazing!  If you want to fully know who you are as a child of God and be empowered to go live missionally... READ IT!  Be ready and excited to participate in what God is already doing!

The wait continues. We continue to pray.  And we are updating our homestudy.

Besides homeschooling this has been keeping us (mostly Rusty and some other men) really busy!

This is the apartment where the new Children's Home director and his family will live.  A 60 year old place in need of much TLC... actually a major overhaul!  We have been involved at the home for over 3 years now and we are excited about the new leadership on the way!  I did attempt to take more pics, just forgot the card for the camera! 

Speaking of being busy.  As I am waiting for my pics to upload a minor flood in the bathroom is discovered.  Andrew used too much paper and 4 large bath towels later it is mostly dry in there again.  THE BIG PROBLEM... he knew it was overflowing and shut the door to hide it!  It was in my bathroom... was I not going to notice?  If you know Andrew, you are not surprised!  He keeps our lives very full and exciting.  Truly, life would be just a bit more boring without him:)  I may just write a book about his adventurous life one day!

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