Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a little of this and that

Carter has entered the MTEMC art contest about 6-8 times now.  HE FINALLY WON and was so excited!  While he would have loved to have placed 1st he was plenty happy with 3rd (topic was "my hero")!  He is trying to decide what to do with his $20... I think he has decided to save it for our trip to Rwanda.
 Rusty's aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin's son spent the night with us last night.  The kids had lots of fun together... here is a pic right before bedtime!
 Saturday Rusty and the boys finished their derby cars for the big race this Saturday.  Carter wants to win most original and Andrew just wants to win the race... it is all about speed with him!
Aubrey has been working on a few sewing projects that she hopes to share soon:)
And after a 2 month break piano began back up for Carter... video to come soon!

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Amber said...

I just saw Carter's drawing in the magazine this morning. What a sweet picture.