Friday, April 15, 2011

eating sand

We used to have a sand box that was a part of our playset.  Andrew would spend HOURS out there in the sand.  I mean 2 or 3 hours with no interruption... it was the most amazing babysitter ever!  Well, a couple of summers ago the neighbor's cat decided to start using it for a litter box and it was a NASTY and disgusting mess... you know when Andrew comes in and I accuse him of pooping in his pants and all the while it was cat mess on HIS HANDS, not good- yep, too gross to handle!  The next day Rusty removed all the sand and put plywood over the sandbox, permanently!

I had to give you that back ground to tell you this.  Andrew wants the sand back and always has.  So the other night he is sitting with me and says, "do you think we will be able to get sand for my new brother and sister" (trying little manipulation)?  I tell him yes and inform him that he will have to teach them how to play in the sand and he quickly lists off the rules...

no throwing sand
keep the sand in the sandbox
no eating sand

and I stopped him at that one and asked what will you tell your brother and sister to do if they get sand in their mouths.. spit it out? NO, I will tell them to crunch it up with their teeth.  You know like I do at the beach and just like you do when the church gives you sand to eat.  OF COURSE I am as puzzled as puzzled can be about the church giving us SAND to eat.  After asking him about it he says you know when they give you grape juice or wine they give you a chunk of sand to chew up with it.  He doesn't take communion yet so now it is revealed that he has "taken" some communion wafers at some point!  He told me he at tried it and it was just like sand!  Really?  Aubrey quickly interjected that it is just crackers with no yeast!!!  Great, my 6 year old is stealing the Lord's supper contents!  Anyway, this story is probably only funny to those that know Andrew well.  I CRACKED UP!  There is NEVER a dull moment when he is awake!

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