Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a little easter fun

On Good Friday we went to church to an event called THE RESSURECTION TRAIL.  It traced the last days of Jesus' life on earth.  We went to 12 stations and at each station there were "actors"  (church members... adults and children) playing the part of bible characters.  Very simple yet VERY powerful!
Rusty's mom was in town and from church we went to my Mom's to eat lunch and dye eggs... brown ones and white ones!  Dad was helping organize search teams for the missing Bobo girl and was told he could be gone for several days but he was able to be home Sunday with all of us, yeah! Friday night we went to a church service... again so powerful.

On sunday morning the church put a cross out by the highway and families brought flowers to decorate it... beautiful!
And Sunday we found these eggs... laid in the driveway on purpose by a Killdeer... neat to learn about!
 God is so good, he is so real and alive.  New life is popping up everywhere. His grace is sufficent for me... a doubter and a sinner.  So glad that my God lives!

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Jenn said...

Great pictures! We had a killdeer nest in our driveway 2 years ago. It was SO frustrating because it was right behind where I parked my car, so I had to do this weird manuever everytime I backed out so I didn't run over the nest. They survived though, and it was really neat to see them hatch! The mama was VERY upset every time she see me and tried to charge me a few times. Not fun for someone who doesn't like birds!