Saturday, May 28, 2011

addis day 2- Day 15

Rusty and Laurie (they are in charge of the paperwork for each family) headed to the Embassy at 6:45 this morning to submit the missing documents. The kids and I were still in bed but not for long. I took a long hot shower and then got the kids ready to go down for breakfast. Rusty and Laurie made it back so Rusty, John and Becky took Benjamin and the Williams’ 2 kids for the TB tests. I laid Hope down and they sorted my dirty clothes to determine what I wanted them to wash.

While Rusty was out he exchanged money and they developed some pictures of the kids that we have to have at the Embassy. They made it back for lunch. Benjamin went down for his nap pretty easy today (still a fight but not as long).

We left few a few things down at the other house so Rusty walked down to get them and on his way back he stopped in a supermarket and bought some ice cream bars. Benjamin was awake at that point and I think it was the first time he has ever put anything frozen in his mouth (except for the ice at the Addis airport, which is a whole other story). The bars were dipped in chocolate and a few chunks fell to the floor (we were sitting on the patio, no chairs) so he leans down and licks up the pieces that fell and there wasn’t a hint of chocolate remaining! He won’t let a piece of food get by if he really likes it. We have had more time with the kids today and that has been good. Benjamin really likes his Papa (it is what he calls every male, he will say daddy sometimes). He is repeating more and more English words, not that he is understanding but he can repeat. He is funny! He loves seeing the cows, horses, donkeys, goat and dogs in the road… I don’t think he has seen many before, if any. First experiences are wonderful!

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