Saturday, May 28, 2011

in addis- Day 14

We took the 4 Rwandan children to the IOM clinic this morning to get their medical check-ups for their visas. They were able to do the exam but we have to go tomorrow and get the TB test done because they don’t administer it on Thursdays. The TB test takes 48 hours to read and that is what is holding us in Addis a bit longer than we had hoped for. All children over 2 must have this test. It can be read Monday but that is a holiday and the Embassy is not open.

After the Dr. Rusty and Laurie went in the Embassy and got our paperwork submitted so we can have an interview Tuesday and fly out that night. They both said that the staff in this Embassy is incredible! They are helpful and communicate with you so we feel really good about leaving Tuesday. We did get word that they needed a bit more paperwork so that was taken care of and Rusty and Laurie will go submit it in the morning and we will leave the kids here sleeping, eating or running wild… who knows!

We did get to move to our original location and it is nicer than where we were… only problem is that the internet is not nearly as good. The Ethiopia Guest Home has 5 houses and we actually changed houses.

Benjamin had a hard day. He was short on sleep and waiting at the Dr. was tough. It was another 2 hours or so to get him to bed this evening. The first night I think he was scared but now I really feel like he is at the point of just not wanting to go to bed! He can be so sweet to be so stubborn. And I am not sure if I mentioned it yet or not but he has one volume… LOUD! But his cute raspy voice makes me smile.

Hope can crawl. She can take some steps when holding my hands. She is feeling so much better! I think she is going to be a climber. She makes cute baby sounds and laughs, it will be fun to have a baby in the house again. She slept in a pack-n-play the past 2 nights and did wonderfully!

Ethiopia is so different from Rwanda. Animals loose everywhere, no motorcycles, lots of poverty right in the city… interesting. We may get out a bit this weekend. Most of Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday we have nothing scheduled to do towards the adoption. Monday the TB test will be read and then Tuesday we hit the Embassy and then head HOME… WE CAN’T WAIT! We miss Andrew so much!

We had wonderful Rwandan coffee and have enjoyed some great Ethiopian coffee but I am so ready for some good creamer and COLD DIET COKE! If you can find diet coke it is 3x’s as expensive and it is room temperature… like most all drinks. No ice, I am from the south and I love my ice! Rusty paid a guy that works at the guest house to go find us some cold coke, he came back with 5 warm ones but the receptionists let Rusty put them in the freezer for a while, MAN THEY WERE GOOD and I don‘t drink regular coke! Our food has been ok or good not great so we are looking forward to some good American meals!

So many details get left out but we have had fun, been under a lot of stress and have learned to rely on God in bigger and better ways!

Will try to post pictures here or on facebook later:)

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