Wednesday, May 25, 2011

headed to Addis- Day 13

After breakfast at the Guest House we packed up all 11 bags, 7 kids and 5 adults and headed to meet Fidele to get some translated documents.  From there we went to the Embassy to pick up our packets and then headed to the airport where we checked everything in and had a light lunch. 

Benjamin was quiet as we walked out to our plane, very uncertain of what was about to happen.  The 2 flights were way more of a success than we could have hoped for.  As they served us dinner on the 2nd flight we hit some really bad turbulance... it really scared several people (including Aubrey).  It only lasted a short time and then we ate and enjoyed the rest of the ride.  I did discover that Hope loves fruit puff snacks!

We made it to Addis Ababa and had no trouble getting through.  We were supposed to be picked up by the guest house and the drivers were running late so we sat in the airport floor for abotu 2 hours.  We had so many people just walk up and stare and circle us, a little scary but all was good.  We made it to the Guest House and they had doubled booked or something so we had to move to another house where they has to set up our rooms.  Everyone was great and they are not charging us for this evenings stay. 

So it is late.  Benjmain was a little scared of yet another new place he had to sleep but he is snoring and resting fine now.  Hope was placed in a pack-n-play for the first time and went right to sleep (she has been sleeping with us). 

Tomorrow is another day and another adventure.  Pray that we get our medicals completed and that we can start our paperwork at the embassy.


Courtney Cassada said...

you are doing such a great job documenting this! love these pics!

Kat said...

Yay! You're in the home stretch! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so good to see that you all made it and that all is well and everyone is sleeping. We are praying for quick, quick, quick in Ethiopia and home to us asap!! Me

From a full heart... said...

Awww, seeing those ET airlines planes brings back lots of memories!!! I am so glad you got through that turbulence safely...scary stuff. Praying all goes well with Embassy so you can get those babies home.