Tuesday, May 24, 2011

got passports- Day 12

We had an easy morning here, well easy it that we didn't have to be anywhere. 

We went to the passport office to pick up the kids' passports that we were told would be ready and waiting at a certain desk and they were NOT!  We waited for about an hour and then the wives took the adopted children over to the Embassy to try and make our appointment there and we had to wait and wait.  We also needed the passports to complete this step.  It was about a 3 1/2 hour wait until we were able to leave.  The husbands brought the passports and the consolate was out of meeting and we did our exit interview and were able to go.  we pick up our packets for the visas at 10:30 tomorrow morning.  This was the longest afternoon.  The language barrier with the kids is tough!

We had dinner at the guest house and gave the kids bathes and we are packing up to leave!  We catch a 3pm flight to Addis tomorrow (Wednesday).

Hope was more alive than ever today.  She ate way more than she has yet and laughed and played.  It made me so happy, even when we were asked to leave the passport office because she was screaming, it was fine because she was screaming and that meant she had the strength and energy to do it!  Both kids have great personalities.  Benjamin LOVES being out side playing ball of any kind. 

So it looks like we will not make it home a week early but 4 days and we will take that for sure!

We took less than 10 pictures today, we snapped these right before and after dinner.

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Tristen said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to write everyday! It's such a blessing to me. I really look forward to reading each entry. You are so blessed! Praying for you!