Sunday, May 15, 2011

flying and meeting- Day2-3

We were on the plane a LONG time!  It was an exciting adventure for the kids but got old on our last leg from Addis to Kigali.  We were up for about 28 hours straight but we slept last night... the kids soundly, Rusty and I not so soundly... anticipating today.

After we landed we dropped off our luggage at African New Life and then went the orhpanage.  We met Benjamin and Hope... so surreal!  It is still hard to believe.  We go get paperwork started this morning and go back to the orphanage tonight.

Pray for health, sleep and smooth paperwork!

Looking forward to being able to post pics!


Blessed Bentons said...

Praying sweet excited that you met your children face to face!!! Anxious to hear the details. ;) I can only imagine you are exhausted...praying for energy to continue to come from HIM!!!


rutledgeramblings said...

Praying, praying, praying! So excited that everything is coming to fruition! We can't wait to hear about the trip and to meet those 2 precious ones!

Robin and Jason said...

Praying for rest, rest , rest for you all....and smooth paperwork!!!Love you guys