Monday, May 16, 2011

act of adoption- Day 4

This morning we signed the act of adoption and the Sector offical signed this afternoon so we can make our court appointments now... that will be done first thing in the morning.  This was a very good thing for today!

After we signed we went and visited the children at the orphanage.  Benjamin is sweet.  He does not talk a lot but knows the word mine!  He drank an entire 20oz bottle of water while we were there, he colored and enjoyed being held.  He does not make much eye contact yet but we not only got a smile but a laugh and Rusty caught it on camera (still camera)!  Honorine likes to be held but she does not seem to be feeling well.  She felt like she was running a slight fever and we noticed that she is cutting several teeth.  When we have the kids all day after we pass court we are planning on taking her to the doctor here in Kigali to see about getting an antibotic.  Please pray for her health!

We had lunch at Afrika Bite and had some authentic food.  Our POA's had lunch with us.  We are here with 2 other familes that are using Mugisha Ministries... awesome families that we are blessed to walk through this process with!

This afternoon we opted not to go to the orphanage.  We are still trying to get acclimated to a new time and missed sleep.  We are back at Africa New Life for the evening and we will have dinner here.  The Williams (one of the other familes that we traveled with) are staying here as well.

Our housing is spacious with a balcony.  No a/c but with a fan it is cool enough at night.  We do have hot water for showers and laundry service available if we would like to pay them to wash our clothes.

Kigal is crazy busy with people.  The driving is insane... and that is why we hired a driver!  Southerners would not drive well here... at all!

The kids on the street and at schools love white people!  They loved touching "white" hair.

Hope to update each day!

                                                foursquare church... fedele's church we visited
                                                     waiting to get the acts of adoption signed

                                                 we had to make copies for this and we had to go to
                                                  4 places before we found one that worked.

                                                        the blue gates we have waited to enter

                                                           typical crowd on the streets

did not check for gramatical errors, just wanted to get this out:



Miranda said...

I'm so glad you are updating when you can! We are praying for you guys! What an exciting time!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for perfect health for all of you!!! Love you guys! This is so fun to "see" your journey with you. Thanks for being so diligent in updating!

Tina Harriman said...

GAAAAHHHH! This is so exciting! Can't wait for more updates. Say hi to everyone please and give Peter and Fidele big hugs from me!

Annah said...

Thinking of you all daily. I am so glad to hear how things are going.

The Tees said...

Thank you for updating everyone! We pray for rest, good health, and God's peace during this exciting yet possibly overwhelming time. May God continue to be your strength and love.

Shelly said...

can't wait to ley eyes on those precious new Rutledges!!! praying!