Tuesday, May 17, 2011

passed court- Day 5

We started the morning at African New Life with breakfast and then headed to the orphanage to see the kids.  Hope was brought out by one of the sisters (as usual) and she was not interested in me so much.  She really wanted to stay with the sister.  I gave her a rattle and she shook it seeming to have held one before.  She cried pretty hard for a while and then one of the sisters brought out a bottle of dehydration water for me to give to her.  She took a little and then fell asleep in my arms and stayed there asleep for over an hour.  Benjamin came out ready to see what we brought for him to play with.  The boy LOVES water... he drank 3 cupfulls.  He loves bubbles and has seen them before because he knew exactly what to do with them.  He loves cars, balls and silly bands!  He was excited to see us.  He did not cry when we left today like he did yesterday, I was glad, it makes it easier to go! 

After the orphanage we went to the genocide memorial... Becky graciously stayed at African New Life with the kids.  What a humbling experience.  The shocker for us was the last room that had pictures of children and plaques that told ages, favorite foods, personalites and cause of death... tough to see and internalize.

From there we went to get Becky and the kids.  When we got back to African New Life we found out that WE PASSED COURT... Fidele called to let us know and we were SO SURPRISED, EXCTIED and who knows it was awesome news!  So you know what that means... there are now 2 more Rutledges!  We have to go sign papers at 2pm tomorrow so I am not going to post pictures until we do that.  I will tell you that sweet Hope Honorine Rutledge turns 1 tomorrow!  And Benjamin Habimana Rutledge will be 4 on September 27th.  We were a little surprised that Benjamin was in diapers the first day we went to meet but today he told Rusty he had to go to the bathroom... saying canada (ka na duh).  We were pleased to see that he is making progress.  Also, he clearly said Aubrey's name today... sweet moment! 

We took the kids and Becky, of course, to the market and bought some things to bring home.  I do not like to bargin but Rusty loves it so we worked well together.  I told him what I wanted and he bargined and paid for it.  From there we went to Solaluna... a great Italian place where we had pizza with our lawyer.  It was a neat evening getting to learn more about him, his church and his family... who we hope to meet.  It was an incredible 3 hours.

So that about wraps up our day, I am certain I left our several details.

Pray for Hopes health, we still plan to take her to the doctor.
Pray that we stay healthy.
Pray for favor in our next steps.

We are blessed to be here and with the people God has placed with us.  Rwanda is incredible.

                                                      the road Home of Hope is on
                                                 the school above home of hope

                                                 a sign in the court yard

                                                laundry hanging at home of hope

                                                 foursquare church



                                              at the market, the van/drive we have for 2 weeks

                                                         handbag lady

night sky of kigali


The Hasley Household said...

So glad to hear all of the great news! Benjamin, Greg, and Averi share a birthday, so we will never forget his special day.

Miranda said...

Wow! The Lord is good! May He keep you all healthy and safe, may He order you steps and make your path straight and smooth. Praying for ALL of you guys!! Congratulations!

Robin Wrather said...

Yeah!!! Rutledges X 7!

4 Blessings said...

That is great news! We are so happy for your family.

rutledgeramblings said...

Welcome to the Rutledge family Hope & Benjamin!! We are so excited and we PRAISE THE LORD for looking upon you with favor! We will continue to lift you up in prayer as you continue on this journey. PRAISE GOD!d

My Chick Chat 247 said...

so excited for you all! Thanks for the pictures too. So great to see some of the city.

The Waggoners said...

Hallelujah! 2 less orphans! 2 more beloved children!

Anonymous said...

Big tears!!! So excited for you all! What a historical day! How are Carter and Aubrey holding up? What do they think of the kids? And I may have missed something but who is Becky? Love to you all!!

meredith and justin said...

So excited you passed court! Happy 1st Birthday to Hope! Our Jaxon will also be 4 on September 27th. So fun that he shares a birthday with your Benjamin. I can't wait to see pictures of your new children.