Saturday, May 21, 2011

what a day- Day 8

This morning we picked the kids up first thing from the orphanage.  Next Laurie, myself and our Rwandan girls were dropped off at MIDGPROF to check on our TO WHOM LETTERS (travel letters).  When we dropped off our paperwork yesterday in the whirlwind I never signed the request for the travel letter so we went to sign that and check on the progress of our letters (we did not get a call about this, Rusty simply told me my signature was missing).  I signed and then we were asked to leave and come back at 4:00.  We really needed to have the letter asap so we went back at 2:00 and were given it right away.  This process is not always this easy... God gave us favor big time!  From there we went to Immigration/Emigration and turned in our travel letter and then to the orphanage to drop off another copy.  So guess what that meant??  Yep, we kept the kids overnight for the first time and forever. 

What a challenging time.  Benjamin is going on 4 and acts much like a 2 year old.  We had our hands full.  Benjamin listens some of the time.  He most definetly did not want to spend the night us at all.  He was dropped off at the oprhanage at a couple of weeks old and we assume he has never spent the night anywhere else.  He missed what was normal.  After about 2 hours of working with him I got him to sleep and we shared the bottom bunk for the rest of the night.  He slept from about 9pm to 6am without waking up... me on the other hand did not get much sleep. 

Hope has been quite.  She slept with Rusty and Aubrey in the double bed and slept 12 hours.  We are really looking forward to being home and starting a routine with these kids.

We had a couple of exhausting days!  But so much to look forward to!

Here are some pictures... Benjamin refuses to smile when you bring out the camera.  he does not wear a smile all of the time but he has a great one when the camera is away! 

Benjamin loves musical instruments.  He was uncertain of the bath but did not cry.  Their personalities are coming out a little piece at a time!


Blessed Bentons said...

I can only imagine how utterly exhausted you are. Praying friend...for the ENTIRE Rutledge family. Each and every one of you.

Love you friend.

rutledgeramblings said...

We are praying for you all - for the remaining processes to go through, for health, for smooth transitions, traveling mercies, and so much more.

LOVE the pic of Benjamin in the bathtub! I see him and Andrew being best buds!

Love you guys and can't wait to see you ALL again as a family of 7!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Praying for renewed energy for the 2nd half of your journey, but my, what an amazing feeling you must have had to know they did not have to spend another night in the orphanage. Love and prayers for you all!

Annah said...

We are so happy and excited for you. Praying for your safe return and cannot wait to know the whole family is reunited. We will miss you Sunday. Blessings the Dubois

Anonymous said...

They are so precious....The bathtub pic is the best, although I am sure the pics of them sleeping are your treasured moments right now!! I guess maybe we should have sent the special bear backpack with the friendly handle that accompanies it. Routine, rest, and a new normal will soon come to the Rutledge household...all 7 of you!! As you know we are praying...and love you and miss you all!
Blessings -Me