Sunday, May 22, 2011

progress- Day 9

Saturday. No paperwork day. Since Hope was still running a fever off and on we decided to take her to the doctor just for peace of mind. Man, what a process. We signed in at the receptionist desk and then had to go to the cashier to pay for the visit ($17). We saw the Dr. and he quickly determined that she had an ear infection and pneumonia and that the right lung was worse. He wanted to run some blood tests so we had to go back to the cashier and pay and then we got the blood work done. He also wanted to do some sort of chest therapy so we went to the cashier to pay and then had that procedure done (basically makes then excrete the stuff in their lungs, have never seen anything like it)! Next back to see the Dr. to get blood work results and he prescribed some antibiotics and other meds. We also had Benjamin looked at since we were already there. He has coughed at night some but not during the day and he has had no other symptoms. He gave us an allergy med for him to dry it up and recommended for us to have his tested in the states for allergies.

After Hope's first doses of meds she felt better. She threw up her 2nd dose but does seem to be more alert today than any of the past 6 days.

The visit took about 3 hours start to finish but it didn't seem that long since we went several places. So, 2 check ups and 5 prescriptions later were out just a little over $100... unbelievable!

Hope had the most incredible blowout this afternoon, it took 4 adults to clean the floor, the clothes, Hope and everything else... we keep tellng one another, we are in this together.  Rusty missed it, he had Benjamin napping.  Not sure what is causing the liquidy diapers but hope to find out soon.

Last night we went to Fidele's house to visit with his family and then Fidele and 5 of his children went to dinner with us. So that was 6 adults and 13 children, wow! In Fidele's words... a village of little children.

Yesterday after lunch Rusty laid Benjamin down for a nap and it only too 30 minutes to get him to calm down. After dinner I put him to bed (I slept with him again) and we had NO TEARS and NO FIGHTING, PRAISE GOD! He got in bed with me on his own and held a couple of toys and just a few minutes later was asleep. Both kids slept great again and even with less movement than the night before. Aubrey slept downstairs with Becky so she got much better rest last night.
Aubrey and Carter both have been a big help here. 
Becky.  She is Laurie Williams' best friend and came with their family on this trip.  She has been the biggest unexpected blessing ever.  God knew what he was doing when he arranged our families to be in Rwanda at the same time.  A lot of the pictures I have posted and will post are shots that Becky has taken.  She has allowed me to download all of hers since it is hard to take pictures and interact with the kids at the same time.  God gives us what we need even when we don't know exactly what that is at the time:)
Rusty has the camera and we have not downloaded our new pictures yet but here are a couple that I don't think I have shared yet...

will post more from this day later!


Kat said...

Poor baby, hope she feels better soon! They are so precious and I'm glad everything is going well! Thanks for sharing so I can live vicariously until we get our referral!!!

Melanie said...

I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I have and will continue to pray for your needs. Thank you for helping us know specifically how to pray. It is hard when you are in country and don't speak the language of your four year old, trying to communicate, and assure them things are going to be ok...We were exhausted too and we were only there (Ethiopia) a week. Hope might have giardia (parasite). That can cause STINKY liquid stools. We had to give Justus 10 days of antibiotics (They had to be compounded) for that....If you take your kiddos to the international pediatrician when you get back, they will run a full gammut of tests and get you needed meds to help. I know that is no help now though. Hang in there girl...It does get easier I promise, but it does take awhile.....Wish I could do something to help now, but I will pray....Much Love

Laura said...

I am so tracking with all of your medical stuff with Hope! I am so sorry you have had this drama to add to the sufficient drama on your hands. I don't know if you knew Aliyah was also given the diagnosis of pneumonia while we in Nairobi, though we discovered later it was something entirely different. Anyway, she also had that congestion that we couldn't seem to get rid of. I wish we'd seen the Dr. in Kigali as that could have avoided the emergency hospital stay in Nairobi. Just so you know all is well now. It will get better!! And God is IN THIS in spite of the inconvenience. I know for us, it allowed Aliyah and I to bond even more tightly. On another note, I know the diaper stuff can be a side effect of the antibiotics. YUCKO! But at least you know it will not last forever and hopefully end before you travel!! We'll be praying!! Tell the Allen's HI!