Monday, May 23, 2011

slower day- Day 10

This morning the whole ganged headed to church except for Hope and myself.  She woke up warm again and she really needed some more rest and down time.  Church lasted about 3 hours and Aubrey and Carter thought it was the greatest thing ever.  They gave out loads of gum and silly bands (Becky got pictures that I will share later when I get them). 

We had peanut butter and jelly tortillas in our room for lunch and Benjamin LOVED it!  He eats well.  He also loves nuts... any kind.  He eats just about anything and I love it!

Rusty took Hope to the Dr. and the procedure was unsuccessful so hopefully that means her lungs are clearing up.

We had a hard time at naptime with benjamin but he finally gave in and slept.

The afternoon consisted of lots of outside play with beach balls and running around.  It has rained each day since we got the kids so this is the first they have been able to be outside.  It was SO good for them!

Bedtime went really well for all.  I got the better sleep last night than I have in several nights.

Praying for passports tomorrow!

Benjamin loves clothes and adores his tennis shoes.  He grinned so big when Rusty pulled out a new pair of PJ's.. he rubbed them and smiled and a spoke a few words in kinyarwanda.

We caught a smile with the camera (even though he was chewing on Hope's toy)!


Schulz Sightings said...

we are praying for little Hope! Both kids are so beautiful. Thank you for keeping up, loving following you!

Tina Harriman said...

Hope looks sooo much better in these pictures. She is really beautiful. And Benjamin....adorable....with a gleam in his eyes! Love it. Praying for both to do well on the flights home.

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

I am praying for y'all from Texas! I am friends with the Austin crew of families adopting (and those who recently adopted) and am also on staff with Africa New Life! I LOVE seeing y'all stay in our Guest House! What an enormous blessing to everyone involved! I know we are blessed...and I know you are blessed.
I arrive on June 11th....and y'all will be home by then! I am praying for your time in country...for Hope...and your transition home.
Many blessings,
Natalie Green