Wednesday, June 8, 2011

our first week at home

as a whole it has been a good week:)

we are tired but catching up and i feel like i am running a laundry service!  with 2 more family members and wet beds and filthy clothes i am putting my washer and dryer to the test, not to mention all the dirty clothes we brought home:)  just when I think i am caught... i find another load (i expect it to be this way for a while)

aubrey had the most difficult time getting back on schedule. and andrew has had the most difficult time adjusting... he lost his place as the baby in the family.  he also expected he and benjamin to be best buds right away and it didn't happen... benjamin is independent!  carter is a great big brother!

benjamin and hope have met 4 cousins, their grandparents and 2 aunts and 2 uncles... more family and friends are wanting to meet them and as time goes by we can't wait to introduce them to everyone!

today i feel like we made huge leaps with nap and bedtime!  rusty goes back to work tomorrow so this was good timing for me!

he loves pancakes, pasta, eggs, yogurt, water, bread, peanut butter, bananas, sweets.
he does not like green foods, some texture issues but he will try and eat just about anything for a m&m!  i know you shouldn't bribe but it is working for us right now!

the fits of screaming are much fewer!  the boundaries of our home are wonderful for him.  he is frustrated less and less... he is learning patiences!  he does get very upset if someone leaves in a car and he doesn't get to ride!

he got a new bike and loves it!  he can't wait to go on a daily motorcyle ride with rusty.  he loves the stroller.  he loves to be outside.  he loves his baths and loves to play in the sprinkler.  he loves to help in the garden or in the house.  he LOVES to sing and we are so glad we brought back some drums.  he loves to pray at meal time and if he or anyine else get seconds we have to pray again since new food has been placed on a plate... very cute!  he loves cars and mr. potato head (might be a great toy to pack if you are picking up a 3-5 year old).  he loves playdough!

he has had chinese and mexican food... that went well!

he is responding to his name more and more... at least 75% of the time... this is progress!

he loves hope and is gentle with her. 

he finally pet the dog and guinea pig... he was terrified of both, literally overcome with fear the first time he saw the dog... now he feeds her treats!

he is potty trained but has had a few accident today and yesterday... didn't want to stop playing so he could go (but like a true rutledge male, he can pee outside now)!

he is a swet boy who needed a home and a family and we are a family who needed to learn from this special boy... all of us are slow learners but it is great!

wow, what a sweet girl.

she cries when she is hungry, tired or poopy!

she crawls everwhere and loves to be near the family.  she is loving rusty more and more.

she says mama!

she loves her bath and she loves to eat.

she laughs and rolls and plays peek-a-boo with you!

she is a differnt child from 2 weeks ago!

SO... needless to say, we are busy here!  we think adoption is awesome.  we can't wait to see how hope and benjamin change and grow.

hope went to the dr. yesterday.  she was acting fine but was still pulling on her ears a bit and still sounded congested.  she is taking breathing treaments, on a steroid and an antibiotic (her ears are still not clear).  so our recommendation is that if your child is sick when you pick them up it is wise to take them to the dr. when you get home, they use different meds than the usa and may not be strong enough to fight off what they have if it is serious.

here are some pics from our first week home...


The Hasley Household said...

Oh I LOVE the new picture and the shirts. So adorable! Love the updates. We have so enjoyed keeping up with everything going on.

beckyheel said...

I love every word of this!

Melanie said...

Yea Elizabeth! Love the new pic of all your kids.....

4 Blessings said...

Love the new header on your blog. So happy to read that everyone is adjusting well.
Keeping your family in our prayers.

Carrie said...

Elizabeth - I love, love, love your new picture with our shirts!! This is EXACTLY what I hoped would come of our t-shirt fundraiser! I started it because I wanted to have shirts for our boys to wear and couldn't find any for kiddos with Rwandan siblings. So glad to hear things are steadily improving with Benjamin and Hope! It's a blessing to follow your journey.

Kat said...

Love the pictures and the update! Sounds like it's going great!! So happy for y'all.

Chris said...

Elizabeth, I CANNOT LOVE this picture any more. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! It is beautiful. Can't wait to see you all. Much love from the McKissacks.

Annah said...


meredith and justin said...

I love the picture of the 5 of them together. So precious! Continuing to pray for your family.

Greg and Donna said...

I got to ya'll from Victor & Stephanie (same hs group in MS). I love your new blog header picture ~ so adorable of all 5 children. Glad you are back home in settling in, praying your adjustments continue to go well.

Greg and Donna said...

Oh yeah....I go to church with Denny & Susane Hydrick also! Small world!