Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday afternoon fun

Hope and Benjamin got to spend a little more time with their cousin Cooper, Uncle Paul, Aunt Autumn, Grammy and Papa today. 

A little bike riding for the kids, watermelon for all, swimming for the kids (and Rusty) and just all around fun.  After cousin Cooper left Benjamin had cereal for dinner and LOVED it.  He also got to stay up late and catch lightening bugs and test out glow sticks... fun day!

Benjamin got to take a nap before we swam (just a little issue at lunch time) but Rusty woke him up so he could test out the pool for the first time.  He was slow to warm up to it... he was half asleep but he had fun.  We will do it again tomorrow and see how it goes.  Hope loved it... she would climb out of the baby pool and try to get into the big pool!


Blessed Bentons said...

LOVE!!! So wonderful to see all of these smiling pictures! Sounds like you had a terrific day!

Jennie Allen said...

It is so great to see pics of you all home! It looks like they are doing great! Hope looks like a different child- so thankful you all are doing well. Bless you!