Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday evening

Today we went to church and Sunday School and made it all the way through both! We go to a family Sunday School class so kids being in there is expected and welcomed! My parents had lunch for us and then we headed home to clean up from the weekend. I hate to start my Monday's with everything a wreck and unorganized... it is hard to be productive when so much is undone and Monday sets the tone of the week at our house most of the time! We had a cookout here Friday night with about 24 adults and 20 children... it was a great time besides the heat and that night the kids had friends stay over night and Saturday I swam with them all day and we had a lazy day!  Back to today... while Rusty was getting a car ready to sell, I cleaned up the patio and garage (I think we do this everyday... the patio part), the kids ran around the yard and we were making a dent in the work. Andrew wanted to swim and we said no because one of us has to be out there with them so he decided to make his own pool.  Check him out as well as some other misc shots from the backyard (where we spend SO much time)!


 Always time to snap a few shots of the kids during the work:)

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