Wednesday, July 27, 2011

things have changed

The 2 pictures below were taken at the DC airport on June 1st (where we had an 8 hour layover, seriously) after being gone from home for almost 3 weeks and working on VERY little to no sleep.  

I found these on Rusty's phone tonight. 

This first one is Benjamin (obviously)... we were literally man handling him to control him at this airport... so thankful that there was nearly no one there!  He was screaming at the top of his lungs (kinda like he was being killed and you have to know his DEEP and RASPY voice to appreciate it).  Rusty finally took him over to a waiting area and held him with his arms and legs until he fell asleep.  He then transferred him to the floor where he slept well UNTIL... his pull-up leaked... oh my, he was not ready to get up.  We had to quickly say good-bye to the Williams family and Becky before they flew home to NC.  Benjamin continued to give us a hard time the next 4 hours we waited to board.  SO SO much has changed.  We have not seen that type of out of control behavior from him that we experienced in DC or daily in Africa.  We are thankful beyond measure that this has passed.  So much to share about progress at another time!
 This is Aubrey and Hope of course:)  I am posting this picture because I want you to see Hope's face... this is how she would look at Rusty when he tried to hold her... she was scared, there is no other way to put it.  She would hold on with her right hand around the back of your arm and usually grab the neck of your shirt with the other hand (her hand was full here).  She would bury her face in your neck.  She was very quiet.  She would let Aubrey and I hold her all of the time... she was scared of men.  Hope continued this after we got home with Rusty and anyone she had never seen before.  Now when Rusty comes home she screams with joy and delight and very rarely hides from people... Just play a quick game of peek-a-boo and she will smile in seconds!  This little sister has some personality now.  Also, more about her progress at another time.
In this situation CHANGE has been good.  In so many areas we fight change.  Change makes us grow... it allows us to become more fully who God designed us to be.  I have to learn to embrace and love change (most of the time) because it means something better is waiting for me there!  Just one of the many things I have been reminded about by our new son and daughter:)

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Courtney said...

i love this post. and totally get it. and am rejoicing with you!!!