Tuesday, August 9, 2011

first day back to school

So this week we started school here!  This week is meant to figure out how the heck we are going to make this thing called school work this year at our house.  It will look a little different with 2 little ones.  I feel like I am starting with somewhat of a bad or defeated attitude.  One thing is clear... the Lord called us to home school our kids and I can't lose sight of that fact.  I have had SO MANY people assume and ask if I am going to send the older 3 to "real" school this year and again and again I put a smile on my face and say something like... "it will be tricky but we will figure it out, I can send them to school if I need to".  The truth is that I have no plans to send them to school anywhere but here.  Why can't I say that out loud to people.  I have cowered back.  We love home schooling!  I am realizing that I have allowed Satan to get a foot in the doorway of my heart and mind and place a seed of doubt.  I am in no way against sending my kids to a public or private school but we have (for our family) followed the Lord's leading on this one!  So here are some cute pics I took yesterday...

so my intent this week is to make up a schedule, figure out what subjects work best at what times, figure out who can work with benjamin some and all the little details that go with school in general! 

day 1... aubrey cried, carter complained and benjamin, andrew and hope had a ball!  benjamin loves structure!  he used play dough, scissors, crayons, pencils, first words flash cards, he listened to letter sounds and pronunciations with headphones and used counting blocks... he loved it.  i never intended to do that much on day one but he couldn't get enough!

after day 2 i think we are going to make is just fine.... we will need tweaking and adjusting but that doesn't bother me too much... it normal for our house!! 


KLTTX said...

I just have to say that that picture of Hope making that face put a HUGE smile on my face. So cute.

Good luck with your home schooling this year.

rutledgeramblings said...

Awesome! We started school as well - so they will all enjoy the "holiday" coming next Friday :) You can tell Aubrey that Caroline shed some tears as well.

Love ya!

Greg and Donna said...

Remember as you start your year, that you don't have to cover every single subject, every single day, with every single child. Combine some subjects that you can cover with all together ~ history and science are great for this. Then adjust the activities to the age of the child. Have the big ones read their books to the little ones, whether they understand what is being read to them or not. Don't forget to have fun! (sometimes we hs mommies forget that part). We do "school" M-Th and take Fridays off for errands, home ec day (cleaning the house), and fun. Play games, put puzzles together, color, squish playdough! Its all fun and its all learning.

DonnaJ (friend of Stephanie & I've homeschooled 15 years)