Friday, August 12, 2011


I am talking about the kids but I want to start with tomatoes.

The kids and I picked these after lunch just the other day.  Have you ever seen a tomato seed?  It is tiny.  And from one plant alone we picked almost 30 tomatoes... it all started with one tiny seed.  We have already picked several tomatoes from this plant and there are numerous green ones still on there.  Isn't our God amazing?!  And from those tomatoes we picked we did this...
And now we will enjoy salsa, spaghetti sauce and chili (just to name some of our favorites) all winter long.

Now onto the kids...

Our beautiful daughter.  She is constantly changing and growing and now developing into a beautiful young lady.  She is wearing dresses more this summer (actually has always said no when given a choice in the past) but she can still get down in the dirt with the best of them.  She is going to make a great wife and mother some day!

My thinker.  Many days he thinks more deeply than I do.  Very attentive to detail and very nurturing to his newest siblings.  This boy is so much like his dad but in many ways different.  He has become much more attentive to things at home, quick to pitch in and help.  He is growing up so quickly!

The middle child now.  He was a little distant when we came home from Africa but he has come back around (maybe forgiven us now for invading his space with 2 more kids or has learned to love and accept them).  Andrew is excited about school and learning this year... this makes me more happy than you will ever know!  He too, is growing up!

He has been our son since May 18th.  SO much has changed.  The one change I want to share today is about touch.  He has always liked being touched (held, washed, a pat on the back, etc) but now... finally... he will relax with us in the morning and at bedtime.  Last night he laid his head in my lap and rubbed my leg.  It may not sound like much but it is huge and I LOVE IT!  This 'screams' to me that he is more comfortable with us.  Even in the mornings he will climb in our bed and lay down... never before.  He has always hated beds and everything to do with them.  I am so thankful for this change!

Our little Hope.  Blossoming with personality that we never thought possible!  One huge change we have seen in her stems around wake up time (from nap or all night).  When we were first home (and for at least the first month) anytime we went to get Hope up she would scream.  LOUDLY!  It was like we startled or scared her every time we went to get her.  We could gently call her name in the sweetest voice we had and she still cried.  She GLADLY came to us when she made eye contact but now she knows our voice and she squeals with delight when she hears her name.  Again, I am thankful.  What a gift God gave us that we never expected to receive!

God has entrusted us with a lot... 5 kids to be exact!  We desire that they love the Lord now and forever and serve him well.  They are His and we have been given the privilege to raise and grow them up.  That is huge and we have failed them and mostly likely will again but by God's grace we move forward.  Repenting for what we have done or not done and then making change. 

I used to dislike Fridays a bit... it usually meant no word from Rwanda for at least 2 days but now I love them... to me it is a weekend with our whole family and I love it!  BUT I have not forgotten those still waiting.  I was there.  It was hard.  Very hard in fact.  Those of you that read this blog that are still waiting... we pray for you... some by name because God has allowed our paths to cross and some in general because we are brothers and sisters in Christ!  May you feel joy and peace this weekend that only HE can give you!


Juanita said...

Hi there,
My family is one of those families still waiting. Reading your blog helps to excite me for the future. I see your situation and hope that one day I will have pictures and memories to blog about my own Rwandan chilcren. I am so happy for you.

aunt janice said...

God has entrusted the perfect people to care for His children! Great job you two! Love, AJ and Uncle David