Friday, October 7, 2011

just another day

so i had my camera out a little bit today.
here is a peak at some of our happenings...

while school is in session the 2 little ones play in the boy's bedroom with a gate up part of the time (they can still see us that way).  they play in this tub almost everyday (it's boat or motorcycle or tractor... anything Benjamin wants to call it).  i will add that he dumps all the play mobile things out just to sit in it and he faithfully picks all of them up when he is done (after he is told to, of course).  it takes him a long time but he does a complete job!

andrew is learning about apples so the older 2 joined in today... anytime paint is involved they are IN!

some of todays sea creatures for their ocean boxes...

for years the older kids know that at 7pm Odyssey comes on... instead of sitting or standing in the kitchen i found them on the patio with the laptop listening... hope went to bed a few minutes later and benjamin lost interest as usual.

a spider egg hatched today and boy were there LOTS of little spiders... totally made of think of charlotte's web!

new steering on the quadracycle...

and then I passed the camera off to rusty.  aubrey and i were learning how to make soap and candles for gifts!  so here are a FEW of what he took...

this could seriously be dangerous!!

my 3 boys:)

any names come to mind??

always cutting up...

and this one has to be like the others (although he has a VERY humorous side)

life is busy and full and we rarely leave the house during the week but for us it not only works we love it!

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