Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pumpkins and friends

This week we went to the pumpkin patch (Gentry's Farm) in Franklin with some friends of ours.  The kids loved the activities with their friends and I enjoyed catching up with my friends.  We actually didn't buy a pumpkin or take an pictures with pumpkins but it was fun!  Corn maze, hay maze, animals, hay ride, barns made for playing and wide open spaces make for tired kids!

this little girl had a ball and was over stimulated by the end of our outing!!!

"mama... smile"  means, please take my picture!

these 2 have been best friends since they were 18 months old... born on the same day and in the same year!

hayrides are fun no matter what age... I used to babysit the bearded guy driving the tractor behind the kids (he lives on the farm and I think I may be getting old)

never complete without a group shot!

this is my poopy diaper, pasted my naptime, I want to swing and not get down little girl!
Always fun to have a spontaneous day out with friends!

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