Sunday, October 23, 2011

so behind

We have had lots going on but I have not found the time to post any of it, nothing new here!  So here is another all in one, trying to catch up post!

You can't tell from her face but she LOVES to ride the 4-wheeler!  I mean LOVES IT! She runs around chasing whoever may be on it and cries when she can't have a turn. 

He makes such a great big brother.  He loves to care for her and help her when she is hurt.  It is so neat to watch them together.

Here is my egg cracking champ.  He loves it and can crack an entire dozen with NO trouble at all!

cousin cooper got to spend the day with us... we all had fun, especially hope:)

the bike trailer attached to the jeep... yet another way benjmain is just like andrew.  hope and cooper enjoyed rides around the yard!

she loves to use a fork now!

and just when we though the playset was complete, they added a real loft with carpet and some vinyl flooring on the lower floor (another scrap from a job)


here are my 2 work horses... andrew split most of this wood and benjamin would have tried if I had allowed him to!

 another batch of homemade play dough... fun for all ages!
So I only lost about 8 pictures while trying to post this!  But there are a few highlights!

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Regan said...

Your house looks like so much fun! I love all your pictures!