Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

As we have done for the past several years, we went to my cousins house for trick-or-treating.  We have dinner and then let the kids have fun!

Here is part of the gang!
Carter the military... costume made out of attic finds, a new pair of pants and homemade M16!

The cutest tiger and lamb ever seen~

Andrew, Jack, Carter and Alex.  Or the Ninja fighter and the military guys!

The cutest cowboy you have ever seen.  I sewed 2 bandannas together for his candy bag!  And he got the hang of getting candy real quickly.  Each house he said, "want one more" or "let me do it" so he could grab a big handful.  Benjamin even asked for someones dog!  Go figure!  He had a BLAST!!!  Never asked to be carried or for anyone to carry his candy!

This the face that I got when I told Hope NO to eating candy!

Another fun night.  I never got a good shot of Aubrey, she was an old lady.
It was another great first for Benjamin!
In fact this morning he asked if he could be a cowboy again today!!!
The kids are each saving 20 pieces of candy and the rest is going away! 
I will save all M&Ms for rewards for Benjamin, amazing what a little chocolate motivation can do for a boy who LOVES chocolate!
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