Monday, October 24, 2011

running again

So these little (or not so little feet)...

started the Couch to 5K program with me tonight!  I have NEVER been a runner with the exception of a couple of years ago when I gave it a whirl with some girls from my small group.  I felt great, I lost a bunch of weight and had so many added benefits as a result.  So after a foot injury I quit, I didn't mean to completely quit but that is what happened.  I gained my weight back and have been feeling tired a lot of the time so I have FINALLY decided I need to DO something about it.  You know it is one of those areas that I have chosen rebellion in my life repeatedly, YUCK!  So, Aubrey went with me tonight and the boys (Carter and Andrew) want to do it too.  My plan is to alternate nights (I will just double up).  Pray for me.  I need diligence and endurance to do this but I am ready, I think!

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Miranda said...

I totally get you on this! I was doing well with my running and then when I became pregnant it fell away. I'm so afraid I'll never get back to it, I miss it even though I never hated anything so badly! Praying for you, you can do it!!