Monday, October 24, 2011

the mighty mule

Unusual title no doubt.  The Mighty Mule is my new best friend (not really, but I do love it)!  It was a gift from Rusty today. 

See about 7 years ago our son Carter, at the time 2 years old, decided to drive the pink Harley Davidson Power Wheel out of our neighborhood and down the highway... very long story but in the end we built a fence around our yard.  We also decided to keep part of the driveway in the fenced in area so the kids could ride their toys, use chalk or play basketball safely.

The fence went up NO PROBLEM.  But the one problem we had was a gate.  For a while we literally stacked boards up (if you are thinking redneck, you nailed it)!!  Anyway Rusty did get around to welding a gate for us, a very nice one I might add.  But we still had a problem... you have to get in and our of the car to unlatch and open it!  That is great on nice days but those cold and rainy days will get you!  The kids did a fair job of opening it but not we have the Mighty Mule...

So on the 17th of this month we "celebrated" our 13th wedding anniversary... not sure if I mentioned this in any other post or not but we did.  We are still looking forward to going out to dinner with a gift card we have been saving from my aunt and uncle.  So all that to say Rusty told me Happy Anniversary and I truly love the gift!  It will save lots of time and frustration! 

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