Sunday, October 23, 2011

fall creek falls in the cold

Thursday morning we headed out with our friends the Pflasterers to Fall Creek Falls (the most beautiful state park in TN in my opinion) to camp.  We had fun as always.  The last trip with them they took 2 kids and we took 3 so the more the merrier!  We took a bunch of pictures!  It was in the low 30's at night and in the 50's during the day... a little cooler than we like it but it made for great hiking weather!

Ryan and ALL the kids (not our RV, we slept in tents).

Ready for our 4 mile hike through the woods... it was successful and Hope even took a little nap in the backpack!

 Aubrey and Ava, taking a break from all that walking!

 And little Hope with them!

The 4 year old boys, Benjamin and Ridley!  What troopers!

 Elyzabeth got stuck walking the boys back across the swinging bridge (no way I could have done it, very scared of heights, especially swinging walkways with 2 little boys)!

Rusty and his mini-me!

Leaping over the water to get close to the edge of the cascades (the water was way down).

Ryan with Ava and Addyson.

Daddy giving a little love to Hope!

Rusty with Andrew and Carter... the adventurers!

Elyzabeth and Elizabeth

The Rutledge kids!

Rusty and Aubrey.

All the kids!

Many races down the slide!

Everyone watch out... the boy with no fear is on the loose!
 He loves playgrounds...

Leaf piles are always fun!

too cute...

The kids built a fort in the woods and this was their final masterpiece, complete with a leaf sewn door and a bark walkway leading you into the fort!

 On the road again, headed home!

Great trip but was glad to be back in my bed especially after our air mattress leaked both nights!  That long hot shower was much needed too!

The kids did great.  Benjamin stayed close to us rather than go into the woods with everyone else, not sure why.  All the kids slept well and had fun together!  Can't wait until next time!

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Annah said...

Don't you love it when you can go camping and do not have to worry about fighting or inappropriate language. Your campout looked like so much fun. THe Dubois Family misses you all greatly.