Monday, November 14, 2011


Took a weekend trip to KY to see Rusty's brother and his family.  There are A LOT of pictures below.  And even some from deer hunting so if that is not your thing you might not want to look any further!!

best friends


this was the MOST fun the kids have had on their 4-wheelers yet...
wide open spaces, trails and lots of pavement!

The men did a little deer hunting and processing.
Rusty killed his first 2 deer, within 5 minutes of each other.
Victor killed 1 and then the next day they went to work to process and package the meat.

Some fun shots!

Benjamin and Allison loved playing together outside.  Allison also LOVED being a little mommy to Hope... so sweet to watch.  Aubrey and Caroline went to a Pure at Heart conference on Saturday so Andrew and Taylor were best pals ALL DAY LONG!  On Sunday the oldest 3 explored the woods all day.  Taylor and Andrew put a ton of miles on the 4-wheelers and they went fishing.  The only thing they caught was Carson (the dog)... they were fishing with deer fat and he went for the bait.  Rusty and Victor had to remove the hook from his lip.  There is NEVER a dull moment when 8 children are running around.  The weather was wonderful (except the wind made the deer hunting difficult).  We always love going to KY to see them.  The negative side... we went with colds and share them:(


rutledgeramblings said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures since our camera didn't have a card!! Our kids had a blast and are now going through cousin withdrawals and Victor is going through brother withdrawals :)

Vanessa said...'re making us transplated-to-the-city West Virginians miss venison roast, chili and sausage! No canning or hunting this season for us, with a new baby just arrived. -) (-
Cute pics!