Wednesday, November 16, 2011


today was a long day and as a matter of fact yesterday was a long day too!

after a long wonderful weekend outdoors we have been stuck in the house for the past two days due to rain and you can tell... we have kids in rare form here.

we have had colds and have passed it around maybe twice or 3 times to some of us (except benjamin.. he must have a great immune system, he hasn't been sick at all).

i need a redo on my couch to 5k (between strep and this junk i have now i have not been running at all).  frustrating.  i wish i loved to run but i don't... exercise yes, running no!

knowing what i know about the world (the very little i know)... i am blessed and have no reason to complain...

i have five great kids, a fantastic husband and did get some laughs today in the middle of the chaos...

i told benjamin to go get dressed this morning and about 20 minutes later this is how i found him...

 "playing" uno with no clothes in sight!

made some yummy sour dough bread for lunch and the kids devoured an entire loaf!

and tonight hope decided she wanted some coffee and this was her attempt to get it...
no, she never drank any, not a drop... i was not about to be up all night with a wide eyed child:)

so tomorrow is supposed to be bright and sunny and 51 degrees so we will be outside!

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rutledgeramblings said...

I feel ya! Funny - I made some homemade bread yesterday as well - didn't feel like going to the store! :) Can't wait to send our girls outside today too!!