Tuesday, December 27, 2011

baking and making

Another tradition we have always done is making candy and baking cookies and giving them away.  So we brought MaSue in on it this year and we made lots of goodies...

We also made turtles and used the cookie press to make lots of cookies BUT I didn't get any pictures of those things nor did I get a picture of the finished plates!  The kids had fun, some people we talked to and others we dropped and ran (really drove)!  We always give to our neighbors and then we chose others who might not expect it!  The kids love it!  Benjamin wanted to get out at every stop, he didn't!

Then we built our annual gingerbread house.  This year there was no adult help at all!

I smile for sugar:)

And we have a couple of icing lovers on our hands...

 The FULL FISTED licker!

And those same icing lovers were sneaking finger fulls of icing and pieces of candy all night!

The next morning the house was bare... mostly due to Benjamin:)

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