Tuesday, December 27, 2011


When we came home this summer someone gave Hope several of these hoodie shirts with pockets.  She loves them!  And her hands stay in her pockets all day when she wears one.  Random post but thought she was too stinkin cute not to share!

And there is Benjamin... you would NEVER know that he was shouting PICTURE OF ME just seconds before this picture...
 Then I asked for a smile and got this cheesy grin:)
He is learning to smile more and more but it does not come natural for him at all.  It makes me sad but also so glad that we can have him here and give him reasons to smile!  And his best smiles are in my lap with full attention and me telling him that I love him and that he is mine.  And then he tells me YOU MINE MAMA and gives me the biggest wettest kiss you have ever seen from a 4 year old!  LOVE IT!

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