Friday, December 16, 2011

boys and injuries

Rusty's Mom is coming to town today and staying until the 26th... the kids can't wait.  They are always excited about her visits and count down the days until she arrives. 

Anyway, Andrew's level of excitement elevated greatly last night when he was sewing, yes you heard me right, sewing!  He was making his cousin Cooper a blanket on Aubrey's sewing machine (Aubrey and I were not home and he assured Rusty that we had given his lessons, yeah right)!

When Rusty was putting the 2 little ones to bed he started to hear a commotion downstairs and as the voices grew louder and more panicked, he ran down to discover that Andrew had ran the sewing needle through his finger...

It went in by his fingernail and out the bottom side and broke OFF in his finger.  Fortunately the point was hanging out of the bottom of his finger (with the top end no where in sight).  So Rusty got the tweezers and pulled it right out... really glad I wasn't here, I know it is selfish!  So now Andrew CAN'T WAIT for his MaSue to be here so he can SHOW and TELL her all about.  It has been the topic of discussion ALL DAY LONG!  Boys LOVE to tell about their injuries... he was so tough and NEVER cried during the whole ordeal!

SO to leave this post on a different note, I snapped this picture of Hope earlier this week...
She loves JACKETS, CLOTHES and SHOES and earlier had on the boots in the picture with nothing else.... missed that shot, oh well!  Those brown buns with the black boots was just too cute!
She is into EVERYTHING around here!

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Greg and Donna said...

Ouch! I've done that ~ it went through my nail into my is painful!