Friday, December 16, 2011

ministry highlights

The Christmas season always highlights ministries in a different way than any other time of the year.  This week we have been focusing on 2 that we are directly involved with...

Tuesday night we were at the Children's Home board meeting/ Christmas Party.  Check out their new UPDATE website...  GOOD SHEPHERD CHILDREN'S HOME!  We are hopeful that a new director will be in place early next year and we are also excited about a current project called ADOPT A ROOM... there has been A LOT of work going on out there to get this place back in shape (up to date)... amazing progress is being made!  Another great benefit to the new website is that you can get a very up-to-date NEEDS LIST through the blog.  We are praying for new children to come that can be served in this home.

Tonight THE 1:27 CALL hosted (for the 3rd year) a Christmas party for the Foster Care Children of Rutherford County.  We had a packed house with families from DCS, Omni Vision and Youth Villages.  This year the kids not only got a toy but a bible (most of them the Jesus Story Book Bible, the older ones got something a little different).  I was so surprised to see how many kids opened them and flipped through the pages with smiles on their faces.  And a few times I stood back and watched the children... all these children in some sort of transition (100 children).  It continues to stir this uneasiness inside of me and causes me to ask (again)... why am I here on this earth in the state of TN... what does God have for me.  I know the answer to some of it but I think there is a lot more I am missing.

AND we have the ROOM IN THE INN Christmas dinner with 15 homeless men this Sunday night (a regularly scheduled event) BUT the kids are excited becauase it is Christmas.  We are purchasing knit hats for each man... our Sunday School class is making gift bags and each famiy is contributing in some way.  I always like when we can involved the kids first hand... this ministry does just that and it humbles us, all of us in some way.

So please pray for these ministries by name.  Pray that the Lord directs each one and that he alone gets the glory for all the good that happens there.  It is so easy to pat ourselves on the back... how simple minded we are. 

Find ways to get involved... it will change you life!

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