Friday, December 9, 2011

just a few thoughts

Yesterday I made the lame decision to go to Kroger at 4:30 with all 5 kids... 3 of which were in rare form.  Dragging myself, the race car buggy and 3 walking kids through the overly crowded isles looking for items that I don't normally purchase was a very poor decision!  I do have to hand it to Kroger though, the wait in the check-out line was not bad at all.  I consider it a blessing!

Last night when Benjamin went to bed (I should post a pic of his bed, FULL of junk)... he said, my stuff is hurting me.  Carter dug under his covers he pulled out a ton of junk... a singing dog, a wooden spoon, cars, a race metal and much more.  I'm sure it did hurt!  But think about his words... MY STUFF IS HURTING ME!  How many of us have "stuff", material stuff, that is hurting us?  I know I do!

And.... stuff makes me think of Christmas.  Lots of people have asked Benjamin if he is excited about Santa and he looks at them like he has no clue what they are talking about and he doesn't.  We aren't embarking on that with him.  Our older 3 know the truth and at this point in time I am much more concerned with the hearts of Hope and Benjamin knowing all they can about our Jesus, our Savior.  Trust me, I think in no way that Santa is bad BUT for us we are done with that phase.  At the early age of 5 Carter told us that it is just simply not possible for any man to get around the world in one night and deer can't have noses that glow red.  And if there are people in places like Africa that don't have food he just can't be real... UM HELLO!  (He also asked why some friends get $1000 worth of goods and he only gets $25-50, cause we don't choose to spend that kinda $ buddy!)  At that point we no longer believed but we pretended... it was fun.  We still do stockings and celebrate with a few gifts but it is not Santa centered... we try (and fail often) to make it Christ centered.  And we try to celebrate Christ all year long not just in December.  We do love Christmas and love to celebrate it but we weren't willing to lie to our children about it!  Enough about that!

TODAY-  Put the 2 little ones in the bathtub for an hour... sweet relief for a bit of time!

Hope continues to sing Happy Birthday... this has been since we went to KY and Benjamin and Allie sang it over and over... it is SO CUTE, can't wait till she sings the whole thing!

The kids have been busy (the older 3) making things to sell at the Home School Christmas Bazaar tomorrow at the Boys and Girls Club from 10-2... will take some pics tomorrow and do a post about the sale.  I am liking this encouragement to be entrepreneurs!  It is a lot of work on us all... the past 2 nights they have been in bed at 11:30!

We have a busy weekend ahead so hopefully I will be doing several posts to remember these times by!

This is Benjamin before he went outside to play for a while today...

love his style... he always knows EXACTLY what he wants to wear!!


The little ones are napping and NOW I am going to get a shower... it has been a few days, that's life around here sometimes!

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