Saturday, December 10, 2011


So last night we got to see Peter who was our POA in Rwanda for our adoption.  If you followed our story you know that Peter and Fidele picked us up from the airport on Sunday and on Monday we had lunch with him at Africa Bite and then he was in a horrible motorcycle that almost took his life... we got to hear the whole story first hand this time.  Anyway, it was a great night to reconnect with him and be with 3 other Rwandan adoptive families... in those families there are 4 other children within 6 months of Hope.  Benjamin surpasses them all by at least a couple of years.  There is one other family that is pretty local (within 45 mins) that wasn't able to make it and the VERY cool thing about it all is that we knew none of them until our adoption was almost completed... 2 of the famileis we met for the first time last night.  What a blessing to have this community of people!

We also had the treat of seeing William (the Rwandan man with AfricanLeadership that we met at church a while back) and meeting his beautiful wife for the first time.  She said to me as we were leaving... we will create a villiage here (our lawyer said a similar thing so I smiled big at this one). 

Anyway, this evening was amazing, just what we needed!

We took a pic or 2 BUT the family that hosted us took a pic of all the Rwandan kids with Peter and then each famiy with Peter and we will get copies of those at some point. 

 this is Crew with Hope...
Crew is one month younger than Hope and they are in the nursery at church together!
 Thomas, William and Hope... Thomas is 3 months older than Hope.
The other 2 kiddos left a little earlier and we didn't get their picture (they are in teh group pic) but that lillte boy (2 months younger than Hope) and girl (5 months younger than Hope) are super precious too!!!  William wanted me to email him the above pic and I did and he said, "I look like their Grandpa".  He acts like it too, he and his wife LOVE these children as does Peter!  Peter is taking all of his pictures back and taking them to the orphanage to show the sisters:)

One thing that continues to amaze and humble me is how well the Rwandan people love everyone!  That has been our experience anyway.

If you have adopted from Rwanda and your child/children came from Home of Hope you most likely met a 9 year old little girl, by far the oldest child there.  Peter knows her well and was telling us more about her.  She WANTS A FAMILY for her own... desparately!  She asks Peter all the time when her family is coming and asks him PLEASE to bring her one.  And wants to know why all these children are chosen and time and time again and not her!  This little girl has also told the head nun that she knows that she picks the children for the families and is begging her to pick a family for her.  Most kids "age out" of HOH at 6 but for some reason not this little girl.  When we were there we did not interact with her, a volunteer was helping her with school work (she attends the school right behind the orphanage).  So now we pray more desparately that adoptions would re-open and the God would send this child a family of her own... PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!


The Waggoners said...

What a wonderful community God has surrounded you with! Treasure it (we don't have that in our vicinity)! I've been meaning to ask, were Benjamin and Hope in an orphanage run by the Sisters of Charity?

Rutledge 7 said...

Yes, the kids were in a sisters of chairty orphanage. They both started in Home of Hope and then Benjamin was transfered to Home of Joy for what we think was maybe a couple of years and then brought back to Home of Hope a couple weeks before we picked him up. The sisters really love those kids!

Jennifer New said...

Oh I SO wish we could have made it! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Next time for sure!

Chase and Laura Bowers said...

I know the little girl that you are talking about. She won our hearts...we pray for her everyday. So good to see the pictures of Crew! We traveled with the Sharps and Smiths!

Hollie said...

Your story of the little girl touched our is so unfortunate that MIGEPROF are not accepting any changes to approved dossiers at present. I hope that adoptions will reopen soon and that anyone considering adoption will keep her in their thoughts.