Monday, December 12, 2011

the rest of the weekend

Saturday evening we went to our friend's house to have pizza, bake and decorate cookies and paint ornaments together... of course, there was lots of talking among the adults and playing among the children.  This has become another tradition for our family... spending an evening with our friends, the Wrathers, in December.  My friend, Robin, in some ways put more into our adoption than I did.  She is the type of friend that shows up at just the right time with just the right thing in hand or thing to say.  She thinks in areas that sometimes I forget to.  Even though the time we spend together is less than it used to be due to more time needed for home schooling and more time needed to tend to the two little ones, she is still always there.

Benjamin "drying" his ornament:)
 Gavin and Benjamin.  Best buddies!
Notice the dads while all the cookie decorating is going on...
they did get up from the couch and I think intended to help!  HA!
 Oh, she found some sugar!
Aubrey working really hard!
 Reese and Andrew... a fun friendship!
Carter and Gavin.
 And this is sweet Hope when she was told that (after 2 or 3 cookies) that more cookies were OFF LIMITS!  She can pout with the best of them!

AND last but certainly NOT LEAST.... drum roll please...
RUSTY AND I WENT TO LUNCH AND WENT SHOPPING SUNDAY... K I D  F R E E for the first time in over 7 months, WOW!  We NEEDED that and now we need a weekend away with no agenda what so ever!  And we have offers of people to keep them, it will happen in the new year!

So the kids went to my brothers (which they LOVE)!  They counted down the days to go stay with Aunt Autumn, Uncle Paul and cousin Cooper-- IT is always FUN there!  We actually do get to see them almost every Sunday, we go to church with them now and Paul and Autumn are so gracious to us.  They have us over for lunch a lot (5 kids and all).  It has been one of the greatest things about changing churches, getting to see them and both of my parents regularly. 

So this busy weekend was fun and full but not stressful and that is just the way I like it... if it has to be busy!

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