Thursday, February 16, 2012

this and that

Today Benjamin told me (almost verbatumn)...

When I was in the orphanage I was crying and crying becasue I wanted to go home.  I wanted to go here.  I pushed the red button and the door would not open.  I could not leave so I cried and cried more and more.  Jerrod and Kieran were there with me.  Now I am here.

I have NO IDEA if any of the above is true at all.  We KNOW that B has a HUGE immagination.  Anyway, thought it was interesting and worth documenting here.  We know exactly who Jerrod is but haven't a clue about Kieran (if he even exists).

Valetine's Day was spent here with the family (Rusty did go to work)... Heart shaped pancakes, a few gifts for the kids in the morning...

Aubrey- a LOVE ORPHANS BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED US FIRST shirt.  She would only wear these types of shirts if she had enough to go around.

Carter- a new bible, no more kid bibles for him (although his last one was a true complete version, the front was a little childish for him). He has loved finding the differnece in the NIV 1984 vs 2011 versions.

Andrew- a game.  Our quality time guy.

Benjamin- a JESUS MOVIE (can you hear him yelling to tell you about it?) He was excited and continues to reinact Peter cutting off the ear of solider!  (Might be in trouble here.)

Hope- a Milo the Praying Manis dvd. (This one might have been a little selfish... we have very few toddler DVD's- gave them away- it is a great "babysitter" on those afternoons that I just NEED it!).  I knwo, shame on me, but some days it is best for all of us!

A FEW THINGS that I have noticed around here...
  • we go through toilet paper at unusually high rates.
  • it is LOUD here, like louder than a few weeks ago (hope's vocabulary is booming).
  • no adult conversation takes place all in one sitting with any children awake, always intrupted.
  • laundry is on the rise, don't know why.
  • there is always something in the sink... not always dishes but it is rarely empty.
  • the trash cans are always full.
  • i am tired, stay up too late for no good reason... GOT TO BREAK THE HABIT!!
Hope has been sick, on an antibiotic and she NEEDS me a lot.  We have done a lot of sitting on the couch.

Some super sweet friends gave us 2 tickets to see Steven Curtis Chapman, Josh Wilson and Andrew Peterson so Rusty took Aubrey on a little date.  It is after 10pm and they still aren't home, probably getting ice cream or some sweet treat.  Aubrey was beyond excited to go.  (Sad that we got the tickets due to illness but an incredible gift).


    Daddy and his girls...

    And the precious baby who didn't get to go with Daddy... didn't know where he was going but she wanted to go and does want to go everytime someone leaves.  She screams ME TOO, I DO!
    Can you say pitiful?  And love how much grose stuff is on her dress??
H and B went to bed by 7.  I played several games with C and A and put them to bed late but the time with them was worth it!

Rusty is headed to a Men's retreat for the weekend, he leaves tomorrow.  They 2 older boys will be gone Friday night.  Sounds like a movie night with Aubrey is in order, maybe a little nail painting and baking too.

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Blessed Bentons said...

LOVE that she had a date night with her daddy! I did too...went to the concert just my dad and I. You never get too old for that. :)