Sunday, February 12, 2012

moving forward

The remainder of our week here went very well.  I should have written this update a few days ago since I suffer from short term memory of sorts (jk, but it does seem like it some days).

I do find it interesting that Benjamin came down Thursday morning and while watching me get breakfast ready (he was the only one awake with me) he says "Mama, I can listen if I want to".  So I don't know whether to take that at face value or not but I have found out that watching a DVD (Boz, Sesame Street, Leap Frog) has a TON of pull.  Benjamin did not play with toys or get out of bed one time during nap this week in the name of getting to watch a DVD.  We normally do not watch any tv during the week but this week the 2 little ones did and it all went better. 

Another interesting thing I discover this week is that Benjamin is getting out of bed A LOT more than we thought he was at night.  We have known of a few times but he told me one morning that he slept on the floor beside Carter and showed me right where he was.  I asked Carter about it and he did not know that he had done that but told me that he gets in bed with him a lot of the time during the night and by morning he is back in his own bed.  Carter is a nurturer and likes to take care of him so he just hasn't told us:)  Rusty has found him on the floor asleep several times and put him back in bed but we thought he fell out of bed, now we are not sure.  There could be a couple of things going on at night, now we know to pay better attention.

And lastly, one other change we have is that a few days ago Benjamin started talking about when we were in Rwanda with him.  He would say something like... remember when we went in the van and got my picture taken (the passport photo).  And there were others, all very accurate.  He has consistently refused to talk about Rwanda at all so this is HUGE to us! 

Check out what he can build with these magnetic shapes...

Carter showed him how to do this one time and now he can recreate it over and over but other things do not seem to click at all with him.  It will be interesting to see what he can do a year from now.

They are know as THE BOYS around here...
always up to something:)

And Hope.  The child who asks for a bow or headband EVERY morning before she eats breakfast. 
This day she wanted to wear a bandanna...

And then the shoes... she still loves shoes, anyones shoes...
Notice the lemon in her hand??
We saw a ton of people in Rwanda eating lemons and limes, both Hope and Benjamin eat (like literally eat) them... just makes my jaw hurt thinking about it.

No pic of Aubrey in this post, I don't have a recent one... I have noticed that the older the kids get, the less they like their picture taken and they are doing fewer things that make me think.... oh, let me grab the camera real quick!  Even though there is no picture of Aubrey she is NOT forgotten!  Some days would be so much harder without her, her helpful and serving spirit.  Love her.


Laurie said...

CANNOT believe he remembered getting passport pictures taken!! That was so early in our trip!?!

Lemons, limes, oranges...ours still eat them too!

We need to catch up.

Courtney said...

so many similarities!

but first, we bought a video monitor the DAY we got home from rwanda - we never had a monitor with ANY of our kids! and pat is SUPER cheap, but HE said, "we HAVE to get one!" it's been a lifesaver when we hear crazy noises coming from his room :-)

i agree - with the older kids not wanting their pictures taken, but i equally appreciate my oldest's help around here!

love hearing your updates, as always! they make my home seem normal :-)